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    Product : Individual Personal Accident Plan : Comprehensive

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    Risk Group I Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Consulting engineers, Teachers, Bankers, Builders, Contractors, Engineers on site engaged in superintending functions only, Veterinary Doctors, business owners wherein the business is not dealing in hazardous goods or not involving manual labor, Persons engaged in clerical functions & administrative functions and such other persons engaged in occupations of similar hazard listed above.
    Risk Group II Professional Athletes & Sportsmen, Wood working Machinists, Workers, Mechanics, Drivers, Manual laborers (except those falling under Group III) & such other persons engaged in occupation of similar hazard listed above.
    Risk Group III Persons working in underground mines, explosives, magazines, workers involved in electrical installation with high tension supply, demolition workers, Jockeys, Circus personnel, Persons engaged in activities like racing on wheels or horseback, big game hunting, mountaineering, winter sports, skiing, ice hockey, ballooning, hand gliding, river rafting, polo, persons working as Air Crew and Ship Crew, and such other persons engaged in occupation of similar hazard listed above.

    **  ‘Kindly visit to our nearest Branch office for availing Loyalty discount of 5% or 7.5% on premium basis you have 1 or more ongoing policies of the Company or avail employee discount of 10% If you are on the payroll of the Company’
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